What types of Surveys are there?

The Pre-Purchase Survey

This is the most commonly requested type of Survey, and is the most thorough. This type of Survey consists of a complete and thorough visual inspection of all readily accessible areas of the hull, deck and structure. Support systems, such as AC and DC electrical, navigation, water systems (potable, gray and black), fuel, propulsion, running gear and climate control, are inspected for proper operation and installation. Components that are readily accessible are visually inspected. Tanks are inspected where visible, but are not hydro or pressure tested.

Percussion soundings and electronic moisture testing is generally performed on FRP and composite constructed craft. A bottom inspection and sea trial is generally performed during a Pre-Purchase Survey. An indication of fair market value is also included.

The Condition and Valuation or “Insurance” Survey

This type of inspection is typically performed so that an insurance company can determine whether a vessel is and acceptable risk. Insurance companies are generally interested in the structural integrity and safety of the vessel for its intended use. The vessels fair market value is included. Generally, the vessel is surveyed afloat, the systems and equipment are not operated, the bottom and running gear are not inspected and the vessel is not sea trialed. However, an insurance company may require additional inspections, depending on their individual policies and the vessels age. THIS TYPE OF INSPECTION NOT INTENDED AS, AND SHOULD NOT BE SUBSTITUTED FOR, A THOROUGH AND COMPLETE PRE-PURCHASE SURVEY.

Appraisal Survey

This type of inspection is performed to gather enough information about a vessel to determine or justify the fair market value. This type of survey it typically used for donations, estates and other settlements.